Designed by Christo Logan

2700K: Warm White 3000K: Medium White 3500K: Cool White

1 Light + Driver 25W + Canopy 2 Lights + Driver 40W + Canopy 3 Lights + Driver 40W + Canopy 4 Lights + Driver 90W + Canopy 5 Lights + Driver 90W + Canopy 6 Lights + Driver 90W + Canopy 7 Lights + Driver 120W + Canopy

Social Skills

Carbon is a friendly creature. It doesn’t mind hanging solo, but it absolutely relishes time spent with fellow Carbons. Together, they form a graphene-like hexagonal sheet emanating light in all directions. Each fixture’s smooth polycarbonate boasts velvety translucence within a deep atmosphere of crystal clear acrylic sealed shut with ultrasonic welding.

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Cluster Luster

The compact Canopy01 supports anywhere from one to seven fixtures in any number of layouts. A series of knockouts along the edge combine with each fixture’s 20ft / 6m cord and mini ceiling hook to provide an embarrassment of options for cluster arrangements. Carbon clusters aggregate into virtually any shape and size to fit the needs of their environment.
Download Carbon layout templates

Render Splendor

Bask in professional caliber light, whether at your art gallery, film set or bathroom. Typical LED fixtures output at a Color Rendering Index of 80 out of 100 with some achieving 90. Two Parts’ custom LEDs achieve a CRI of 95 while optimizing for power efficiency and brightness.

Specs + Downloads

Type Indoor Pendant Fixture
Material Acrylic + Polycarbonate
Brightness 1000 lumens
Accuracy CRI 95, R9 90
Power 13W @ 12V DC CV
Line 100-305V AC @ 50-60Hz
Dimming TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V
Cord 20ft / 6m cut to length
Certification ETL Damp Location, CE, RoHS
Warranty 5 Years

Cut Sheets + Install Guide

IES + Revit + DWG

Layout Templates


Dimmer Compatibility 10/25/40W

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